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LifeGuru - AI hyper adaptive career guidance

<aside> 💼 Problem we solve Many people are facing significant challenges in pursuing career that aligns with their skills, ambitions, and interests. ****It is caused by the rapidly evolving technology landscape, which is transforming every facet of life at an unprecedented pace. Findings from NIESR's Vecchia et al. (2023) show significant mismatches in graduates fitting the jobs, indicating that 30% of graduates are in roles that do not require a degree and 33% work outside their field of study, earning up to 40% less. Traditional career guidance methods are proving inadequate in keeping up with these swift changes, necessitating a revolutionary approach to career advising.


<aside> 🚀 About our solution

AI/ML based technologies has a potential to offer personalised career path guidance, with options constantly evolving based on student progress, interests and industry trends.